The 7th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology (ICBEB 2018)
October 17th - 20th, 2018, Nanjing, China
Keynote Speakers----Dr. Serge Cosnier

Dr. Serge Cosnier is Member of the European Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences, Research Director at CNRS and head of the Department of Molecular Chemistry at the Grenoble Alpes University (France). His activity is focused on electrochemical biosensors, biofuel cells, electrogenerated polymers, molecular electrochemistry and carbon nanotubes.. Dr Cosnier has authored over 340 publications (h-index 56), 2 books and 18 book chapters and he was the President of the French Group of Bioelectrochemistry (2001-2014). In 2009, he received the Katsumi Niki Prize of the International Society of Electrochemistry and was appointed as Fellow of this Society in 2010. In 2013, Dr Cosnier became a member of the Academia Europaea. Finally, he is the recipient of the 2016 China-France Chemistry Award from the Chinese Chemical Society and the Chemical Society of France.

Speech Title: Recent Advances in Electrochemical Immunosensors and Aptasensors for the Detection of Polyphenol A or Antibodies Ranging From Cholera to Dengue

Abstract: For four decades, the development of biointerfaces has been the subject of increasing research efforts in the field of biosensors. In particular, the functionalization of electrodes with electrogenerated polymers and / or carbon nanotubes or graphene is widely used for the design of biomaterials. These nano-objects were successfully functionalized by electropolymerization of pyrrolic monomers or via π−π stacking interactions with pyrene derivatives exhibiting both affinity or covalent binding interactions towards biomolecules. Various biomolecule immobilization strategies were explored involving photografting or coordination process, affinity and host-guest interactions. In particular, recent examples of electropolymerized films will be presented for the design of labeless electrochemical immunosensors and aptasensors [1-3].

For instance, carbon nanotube deposits with different controlled thicknesses were successfully employed for the design of impedimetric immunosensor for cholera toxin antibody. These nanotube coatings were functionalized by polypyrrole-nitrilotriacetic acid (polyNTA) films and biotinylated cholera toxin. Following a similar elaboration strategy, an electrochemical highly sensitive aptasensor was developed based on electropolymerized poly-NTA film and a new aptamer functionalized by a pentahistidine peptide for the quantification of bisphenol A. A high performance impedimetric immunosensor for the dengue virus antibody detection will be reported. The carbon nanotube deposits on electrodes were functionalized with a poly(pyrrole-N-hydroxysuccinimide) film, which enables the immobilization of the Dengue Virus 2 NS1 glycoprotein, The resulting impedimetric dengue biosensor was tested in bovine blood plasma showing a detection limit of 10-13 g mL-1.

Keywords: biosensor, immunosensor, aptasensor, impedance, electrode, polymers

1. Q. Palomar, et al. Biosens. Bioelectron.,97 (2017) 177.
2. Kazane, et al. Anal. Chem., 88 (2016) 7268.
3. Q. Palomar, et al. Electrochim. Acta., submitted.
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